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Grief Support

Clyde's last days were difficult for him. He was so courageous, as he had always been, keeping the faith as we said our good byes. It is never easy to watch your loving comrad/companion/friend/partner leave. Animals love so freely and completely, it is easy to bond deeply to them. Anyone that has shared their heart with an animal companion knows exactly what I speak of. This bond is so great they do not let us know how much they are enduring to remain on earth for as long as possible to be by our side. For many of us, those last days can be a haunting memory filled with questions of "Did I do the right thing?" "Did she suffer?" "Was he scared, did he hurt?" "What more could I have done?" These images and questions hounded me until one of our designers for The Clyde Fund made a beautiful Clyde Tribute. Seeing him there, on his fluffy cloud, with that big "Clyde" smile, so handsome, and so happy, reminded me that he was not really gone. Freed from the limitation of his aged, physical body, his spirit expanded to the stars, running and playing with heavenly animal angels, wrapped in the loving arms of Eternity.

It took many months for me to complete my grieving process and get on with the business and mission of The Clyde Fund. Every time I started to think about those last days and feel sad, I would look at his picture and read his message to me. It brought me comfort.

Building Clyde's Sanctuary
Helping Animals by Giving Back
It helped me to remember that Love Never Dies, it only expands and grows and moves on to other unseen worlds to experience new adventures. Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge, Clyde and all the animals that touched me with their love wait for me, as your beloved will wait for you. Clyde was so My Hero and my inspiration during our time together on earth. Now, with his passing, he is MyHeavenly Hero, surrounding me with his love and warming my heart in that special place where our beloved animal companions always know how to touch us. He continues to inspire all of us with our beautiful Tribute Pictures and Messages from Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge, so that you too, may celebrate with Joy your