The earthly Rainbow Bridge is an American national monument (proclaimed in 1910) located in Southern Utah at the base of Navajo Mountain, just North of the Arizona border. A natural formation of salmon-pink sandstone, it resembles the arc of a rainbow and is the largest natural bridge in the world. A former branch of the Colorado River created the Rainbow Bridge through erosion, first by carving the Bridge Canyon and then enlarging a hole which, over time, became the Bridge itself.
Known as "Nonnezoshi" (which means "rainbow turned to stone") to the Navajo people who dwell in that region, the tribe members have been aware of the Bridge for many years, but it only became well-known after 1909, when local guides led a group of white explorers to the area. Rainbow Bridge is considered by the Indians to be a sacred place and special prayers are offered before passing beneath the monument. Failure to do so is believed to bring misfortune. Tourists may hike to the Bridge only with the permission of the Navajo Nation, which owns the surrounding land. In deference to the tribal elders, it is requested that all visitors refrain from walking upon the hallowed ground under Rainbow Bridge. Perhaps it is from this notion of such a sacred area that the heavenly Rainbow Bridge was created, although some believe it may have been inspired by an ancient Norse legend. The story of this joyful place, where all animals are transported after their time on earth is done, has been recounted for a long time. It is not exactly known who first spun the tale. There are many versions of this story. We have included our version and the well known one from an "Author Unknown".

We see Rainbow Bridge as a special transistion place between our physical time on earth and the journey we make to eternity, when our time on earth is over. At that time, at the Rainbow Bridge our loving essence is reunited with our beloved animal companions with whom we shared love while on earth so that our transistion from the physical world of limitation to eternity, is a joyful reunion with beloved friends. While they wait for us, Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge, the possibilites are infinite...they may grow angel wings and fly around the universe, visit other human family members that have passed on, warm our human hearts with their divine love, always freed of suffering, illness and the limitation of the physical body. The possibilities are limitless for eternity is infinite and love is ever expanding.

The Rainbow Bridge ensures us that when we leave earth it is a time of great celebration. A reuniting with old friends and family members and infinite joy. A place this side of heaven, that will take you on a journey to Somewhere Over Rainbow Bridge.
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